379 Juan Bahama And The Exotic Asian Chill Out

379 Juan Bahama And The Exotic Asian Chill Out

Sunshine and Starshine are behind the microphone on this episode.  We settle into the lounge, dim the lights and begin sipping a blended drink that was inspired by a meme.  Sure, inspiration can come from anywhere.  Juan Bahama may or may not run for office in 2020 but you enjoy this frosty libation regardless of the political climate.

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347 Campari + Kraken = Psychic Adventures

347 Campari + Kraken = Psychic Adventures

Our resident tiki bar psychic hasn't dropped by the lounge in a very long time.  The wait is over.  Campari Kraken glides down on his flying carpet to sip his signature cocktail and use his all knowing all seeing powers to answer some listener questions.  Be prepared to be both amazed and offended.  Mix up the drink to go along with this episode for the full effect.  Other subjects include news about the upcoming shows by Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica and tips on planting mint for your cocktail garden.  

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161 Raw Food and Bogus Cocktails

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Our senses bring us those joys in many forms.  So it sucks to tell you that our senses were not exactly "enjoying" our drink selection this week.  Sunshine picked a 4 pack of Hula Girl bottled drinks.  What a hot sweet mess that was.  Luckily we have plenty more to share.  Pumpkin has been recently grossed out by OLDER people and their ability to use more than ample amounts of perfume.  She is also concerned about the Girl Scout cookie recall, but probably not why you think.  Sunshine has created a new super hero he is happy to talk about as well as some of the perks of being extremely obese.  We announce our fourth book challenge.  Listen to find out how you can get a copy of The Parrot Talks in Chocolate by Everett Peacock.  Congratulations to Stacie who submitted her orange blossom champagne recipe for her copy of the book.

147 Obama Will Save the World with Ginger and Parsley

Mr. Prez sure has been up to a lot the last week.  Speaking on almost every topic but the one most near and dear our hearts.  Where is the political policy on tikinomics?  What about the economy of a cocktail based culture.  Surely Obama must have time to work out these important issues?  Well, if he doesn't WE DO!  So lets start with a super stomach satisfying ginger based drink.  A little mint, some passion fruit and get ready to have your socks knocked off.  Now that your toasted its time for Pumpkins latest installment of healing remedies.  This week is parsley.  Not just for your plate, but also great in juice and wine.  Yep, WINE!  Sunshine and Pumpkin also discuss how each of us can save our local tiki bar, fight stupidity, teach children that they can fail and learn from it, and much more. Make a Mingie Gingie for yourself:

1.5 oz Canton Ginger Liqueur

.5 oz Appleton white rum

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1/3 oz passion fruit syrup

1 large mint leaf torn into 8-10 pieces

Toss everything in a shaker with crushed or cracked ice.  Shake very well until the shaker is too cold to hold.  Strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with mint and a long piece of curly lemon zest.

145 Did Obama Lie? Can Tikis Fly? We Discuss

What a discomboobulated show we have for you this week.  Sunshine, Pumpkin and Starshine are all here to prove that too many hosts only leads to YELLING!  We introduce a new segment to the show, Tiki News.  A quick look at some of the tiki events and funny stories from around the globe and your own backyard.  Pumpkin brings us a long forgotten segment, Crazy Christian Cousin.  Pumpkins cousin is sending those nutty text messages about Jesus again.  Starshine is perturbed with the A-hole senator that called Obama a liar at his Healthcare address.  And, for good reason.  Representative Joe "Im a duche" Wilson calls the President a liar regarding healthcare.  Maybe Joe Wilson forgot that ALL of his campaign funding came from health care interests.  Wow, we all need a drink.  To keep it tiki Sunshine gives some shouts to fellow podcasters who keep us entertained with exotica and and the best sounds in lounge and space age pop.  Check out Cocktail Nation with Koop Kooper and The Quiet Village with Digitiki.  Great listening, interviews and advice on where to find that not so easy to procure exotica.  Now thats a show.  Listen, drink, enjoy!

142 Healthcare Reform is Annoying, Lets Drink!

Sunshine and Starshine slithered into the lounge for a quickie podcast before heading to Tiki Oasis 9.  It wasn't only the two of us that had current events (politics) on the mind, but many a listener has been asking what our point of view is.  We had to start with the perfect libation to melt away our inner monologue.  "The Tiki" is not only a smooth drink but is also being served in our room at Tiki Oasis.  Now a little Les Baxter and we're ready to talk.  Healthcare worries?  Pissed at the Fed?  Had enough of the religious right telling you how to live your life?  All your friends are married but you aren't cause your gay?  We cover it all.  We end the show with what might be a recurring segment.  It occurred to us that gathering up all the nut jobs and putting them on a one way tour of the Grand Canyon might just solve all our woes.  Listen, enjoy.

130 Forgotten Tiki Cocktail Mixers

Starshine and Sunshine meet in the Zen Tiki Lounge for a much needed hump day drinking binge.  A few mai tais later and Starshine is even more liberal than her left wing self.  Sunshine gives some great tips on making tiki mixers of your own, start with one of our recipes and tweek to your liking.  Falernum, ginger syrup, orgeat syrup etc. Your friends and family will take notice when you use fresh ingredients in your favorite drinks.  Other than that, its a drunken good time this week on the podcast.