347 Campari + Kraken = Psychic Adventures

Before listening to this episode of the podcast we recommend mixing up the Campari Kraken cocktail.  We find that visits by Campari are only tolerable while sipping this beverage liberally.  

Mint, Mint, Mint!  The green leafy and potent smelling herb that works wonders in cocktails, teas and culinary dishes.  Sunshine answers a listener question about mint and takes you on a little journey through the many varieties and ease of growing.  Have you tried pineapple mint?  Banana mint?  Even chocolate and orange mints.  They all have notes of their namesakes and lend a nice touch to mojitos, juleps, garnishes and more.  Try ordering from Mountain Valley Growers or another online nursery that specializes in multiple varieties.  

After a half dozen or so visits to the Zen Tiki Lounge, Campari Kraken returns with his brand of annoying wit and half baked predictions.  Kalani was lucky enough to sit next to him at the bar and ask him some of our listener fielded questions about life, the universe and everything.  If you didn't already mix CK's signature cocktail, now would be a good time.  

If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica you need to get on the wagon.  Currently they are the only live touring Esquivel band.  The five piece quintet will be visiting southern California in February of 2016 and you can get tickets now.  The Zen Tiki Lounge hosts will be attending the show on 2/20 at Alva's Showroom in Los Angeles.  Be sure to get their music in itunes or use the link above from their site.  And DON"T MISS the free mp3's they offer so you can get a great taste of this stellar music from a time gone by.  FREE is always good.