Our Favorite Tiki Events


Probably the hottest of the tiki weekenders, this yearly event takes place in scorching Palm Springs each year.  Be sure to bring plenty o' sun block so you can enjoy the pool, cocktails, exotica and good times of Tiki-Caliente.  We can speak from personal experience, this is a smaller event but in no way less to do.  Get to know your fellow tikiphiles in the true mod style of Palm Springs, California 

Circa Caliente

This October event debuted in 2013 and is now a yearly mid century modern shindig in the desert.  Originally the event was called Mod-Palm Springs and was hosted by Artist SHAG and party dude Rory Snyder.  In 2017 the event was renamed Circa Caliente and Rory Snyder remains our host with the most.  Circa is a celebration of all the best things that made the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's so fun.  From music and cocktails to vintage clothing and party themes. Circa Caliente is a romp through some of the best of these four crazy decades.

Tiki Oasis

The biggest of the tiki weekenders.  Each August in sunny San Diego, California.  This is the one event you are sure to see Sunshine, Pumpkin, Starshine and Kalani.  Be sure to visit our room crawl and try one of our very own cocktail concoctions.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida serves up the most intimate tiki gathering.  Plenty of music, cocktails and excursions.  Be sure to visit the world famous Mai Kai for the best in polynesian drinks and entertainment.

Ohana Luau at the Lake

Visit beautiful Lake George, NY in the Adirondacks.  If you ever wanted to experience the old time kitsch of a true tiki motor lodge, this is the place.  Step back in time and enjoy a great weekend with other tikiphiles.



Our Favorite Tiki Resources


Possibly the best one stop shop for all the info you need about tiki and the world of the exotic.  If you can't find a link to what you are looking for it probably doesn't exist.

Tiki Central

At one time TC was the place to network with everyone in the tiki and mid century modern community. As more and more tikiphiles have migrated to facebook and instagram there is less of the conversation happening here. But for some idea of what the tiki resurgence was like beginning in 1999, TC is a great place to look up old posts and blogs you may find interesting. Sign up for a free account and take a look.


Beachbum Berry

Everyones favorite umbrella drink mixologist.  The Bum carefully and painstakingly researches the lost cocktail recipes of the past so you don't have to.  He has authored several oustanding books including "Grog Log" and "Sippin Safari."  He is also a pretty cool dude.  If you have the chance to see him at a cocktail symposium don't miss the opportunity.


Need to know what your old tiki mug is selling for?  Want to find a rare gem?  Or just share your mug collection with others.  A great resource.


Over 700 tiki bars, Polynesian restaurants and other sites of interest to the midcentury Polynesian Pop enthusiast.