142 Healthcare Reform is Annoying, Lets Drink!

Sunshine and Starshine slithered into the lounge for a quickie podcast before heading to Tiki Oasis 9.  It wasn't only the two of us that had current events (politics) on the mind, but many a listener has been asking what our point of view is.  We had to start with the perfect libation to melt away our inner monologue.  "The Tiki" is not only a smooth drink but is also being served in our room at Tiki Oasis.  Now a little Les Baxter and we're ready to talk.  Healthcare worries?  Pissed at the Fed?  Had enough of the religious right telling you how to live your life?  All your friends are married but you aren't cause your gay?  We cover it all.  We end the show with what might be a recurring segment.  It occurred to us that gathering up all the nut jobs and putting them on a one way tour of the Grand Canyon might just solve all our woes.  Listen, enjoy.