418 How To Make Falernum, Spiced Rum And What To Do With Them

418 How To Make Falernum, Spiced Rum And What To Do With Them

Make your own Falernum and Spice Rum. Thats the message in this episode of ZTL podcast. Just before heading off on an Alaskan cruise, Sunshine jumped behind the bar to record this quick little show. With fall approaching its a great time to spice some of your own rum and why not try making falernum at the same time. These two infusions are essential in tiki mixology and by making your own version you can assume more control over the flavor profile of your cocktails.

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130 Forgotten Tiki Cocktail Mixers

Starshine and Sunshine meet in the Zen Tiki Lounge for a much needed hump day drinking binge.  A few mai tais later and Starshine is even more liberal than her left wing self.  Sunshine gives some great tips on making tiki mixers of your own, start with one of our recipes and tweek to your liking.  Falernum, ginger syrup, orgeat syrup etc. Your friends and family will take notice when you use fresh ingredients in your favorite drinks.  Other than that, its a drunken good time this week on the podcast.

129 Zaya Rum Makes a Splash in the Lounge

After much listener feedback, Pumpkin has been informed that her frequent use of profane body parts is tickling the wrong nerve.  Not that we answer to anyone, but it is good to know what people think.  Just count how many times she says something naughty.  Staying professional after this weeks cocktail isn't exactly easy, try the Zaya Splash and you will understand.  This drink is made with Zaya Gran Reserva Rum and we highly recommend you get yourself a bottle if you don't already have it.  Sunshine shares some thoughts on things to do in Fort Lauderdale during this years Hukilau event.  Do your best to choose a hotel within a mile or two of the event, or take the water taxi from place to place.  Lets face it, your gonna be drinking all weekend so don't try driving.  Lastly, Sunshine discusses the similarities between men and candy bars.  Which one are you?