133 Hukilau and the Mai Kai part 2

Sunshine, Starshine and Kalani are all in the Zen Tiki Lounge this episode bringing you a politically charged show.  Sunshine tells more stories of his recent trip to Flaaarida and the Hukilau 2009, as well as the Bahia Cabana and the world famous Mai Kai.  Feeling like you may have missed out?  Well be sure to visit TikiOasis.com and get your tix for the upcoming west coast tiki extravaganza.  Lets not forget the politics, sometimes world events are some of the best reasons to drink.  Mostly to forget.  Worried about North Korea or Iran?  Well blend yourself a nice drink and let us do the bitching for you.  Sunshine has put a bounty on Kim Jong-il.  So if our cranky little world neighbors aren't enough of a reason to visit the lounge we promise to give you many more in this very special podcast.

132 The Great Journey to Hukilau 2009 part 1

You have heard us talking about Hukilau for many months now and its time to tell everyone about all the fun they missed.  Sunshine journeyed from the dimly lit Zen Tiki Lounge to the bright and sunny coast of Fort Lauderdale for this years Hukilau 2009.  Starshine joins Sunshine in the lounge to drink a splendid new cocktail discovered in Key West at the Rum Barrel.  While in Flaaarida we met many a great tikiphiles and imbibed many new cocktails as well as the old favorites.  Bumping into listeners of the podcast was not only fun by a great chance to put facebook/myspace names to real people.  Sunshine also had a chance to see the premiere of Tikimentary, a great short film about the phenomenom that is Tiki.  Duda Leite spent a good deal of time putting this film together and we were lucky enough to be there for the Hukilau premiere.  This is just part 1 of 2 for the Hukilau recap, be sure to listen to the next episode to hear all about the world famous Mai Kai and much more.

Make the Marooned cocktail

2oz Fresh Orange Juice

2oz Pineapple Juice

1oz Cruzan Vanilla Rum

1oz Cruzan Coconut Rum

1 tablespoon Coco Lopez

3/4oz Cruzan Black Strap

Shake all but Black Strap in a shaker very well with 1.5 cups crushed ice.  Pour unstrained into a large tiki mug and top with the Black Strap rum.  Garnish with a large orange segment on edge of mug.  Sip through  straw and enjoy the two layers or stir together if you please.  

129 Zaya Rum Makes a Splash in the Lounge

After much listener feedback, Pumpkin has been informed that her frequent use of profane body parts is tickling the wrong nerve.  Not that we answer to anyone, but it is good to know what people think.  Just count how many times she says something naughty.  Staying professional after this weeks cocktail isn't exactly easy, try the Zaya Splash and you will understand.  This drink is made with Zaya Gran Reserva Rum and we highly recommend you get yourself a bottle if you don't already have it.  Sunshine shares some thoughts on things to do in Fort Lauderdale during this years Hukilau event.  Do your best to choose a hotel within a mile or two of the event, or take the water taxi from place to place.  Lets face it, your gonna be drinking all weekend so don't try driving.  Lastly, Sunshine discusses the similarities between men and candy bars.  Which one are you?

123 Twitter me a cocktail please!

Twitter! Twitter! Twitter!  We tried our best not to give in but now we are twittering with all the other wannabes out there.  At least we use this not so marvel of the modern age for good rather than mediocrity.  Sometimes we twitter for cocktail suggestions, sometimes we just want to let you know about a cool new tiki bar.  Thats not so bad.  But lets not forget the rest of the show.  Monique joins us this week, three hosts are better than two.  Sunshine is obsessed with flax seed and cocoa powder, its all about the antioxidants.  Pumpkin shares her thoughts on Furverts, a fun and strange fetish sweeping the nation.  Monique is here to help our female listeners get more in touch with themselves.....if you know what we mean.  Lastly, Pumpkins dog Charlie visits and gives the gift of flatulence.  Stinky.  So mix up a tiki drink, sit back and pretend you are in the lounge with us.

119 Bloody Marys with Octomom

To say that this weeks show is all about the ever retarded Octomom would be a bit misleading.  But, we do certainly yell at her BS antics one more time.  Our much needed libation is the famous Bloody Mary.  We don't give a recipe since everyone already "makes the best Bloody Mary."  Starshine is in for Pumpkin again and she is playing her hostess duties well.  Her commentary on the economy, smart water and children whacking each other in the balls is priceless.  Sunshine tells about his new home carbonator, make all the soda, ginger ale and lemon lime you need for your cocktails.  Most drinks only need a splash of soda, so why buy a large bottle or a six pack.  Sunshine is also ranting about the awesome new tropical home fragrances he came across, Scentsy!  Im not selling it, but maybe I should.  Smells like Hawaii in your living room.  We close out the show with a few more details on the Hukilau and Flamingos Day 2009.  Fun for all.