168 Cinco de Mayo means what?

This week on the show we start off with a drink any idiot could make.  Just toss some ice, fruit and booze in the old blender and wallaaaah!  You have a Boozie!  The great thing about a Boozie is you really can mix just about anything.  Fresh fruit frozen in chunks works great with a few cups of ice and a good pour of your favorite rum.  And, its "healthy."  With a drink in hand you just need to head over to the handy dandy media device of your choosing and put on some exotic tunes.  Dim the lights and listen to Sunshine and Pumpkin.  Pumpkin made it to the lounge this week even though she is still a bit under the weather.  Sunshine is healthy as a horse and can drink almost as much.  Our conversation this week includes everyday uses for vodka, farmers markets, rediculous holidays, Summer tiki news and some other stuff we can't recall.  So put us in your iThingy and listen till ya puke.