133 Hukilau and the Mai Kai part 2

Sunshine, Starshine and Kalani are all in the Zen Tiki Lounge this episode bringing you a politically charged show.  Sunshine tells more stories of his recent trip to Flaaarida and the Hukilau 2009, as well as the Bahia Cabana and the world famous Mai Kai.  Feeling like you may have missed out?  Well be sure to visit TikiOasis.com and get your tix for the upcoming west coast tiki extravaganza.  Lets not forget the politics, sometimes world events are some of the best reasons to drink.  Mostly to forget.  Worried about North Korea or Iran?  Well blend yourself a nice drink and let us do the bitching for you.  Sunshine has put a bounty on Kim Jong-il.  So if our cranky little world neighbors aren't enough of a reason to visit the lounge we promise to give you many more in this very special podcast.