132 The Great Journey to Hukilau 2009 part 1

You have heard us talking about Hukilau for many months now and its time to tell everyone about all the fun they missed.  Sunshine journeyed from the dimly lit Zen Tiki Lounge to the bright and sunny coast of Fort Lauderdale for this years Hukilau 2009.  Starshine joins Sunshine in the lounge to drink a splendid new cocktail discovered in Key West at the Rum Barrel.  While in Flaaarida we met many a great tikiphiles and imbibed many new cocktails as well as the old favorites.  Bumping into listeners of the podcast was not only fun by a great chance to put facebook/myspace names to real people.  Sunshine also had a chance to see the premiere of Tikimentary, a great short film about the phenomenom that is Tiki.  Duda Leite spent a good deal of time putting this film together and we were lucky enough to be there for the Hukilau premiere.  This is just part 1 of 2 for the Hukilau recap, be sure to listen to the next episode to hear all about the world famous Mai Kai and much more.

Make the Marooned cocktail

2oz Fresh Orange Juice

2oz Pineapple Juice

1oz Cruzan Vanilla Rum

1oz Cruzan Coconut Rum

1 tablespoon Coco Lopez

3/4oz Cruzan Black Strap

Shake all but Black Strap in a shaker very well with 1.5 cups crushed ice.  Pour unstrained into a large tiki mug and top with the Black Strap rum.  Garnish with a large orange segment on edge of mug.  Sip through  straw and enjoy the two layers or stir together if you please.