309 Mad Libs And Mai Tais

309 Mad Libs And Mai Tais

We take great pride in the many listeners and fans we have gotten to know over the years.  On this weeks show we sip a drink sent in my listener Stacie.  She adjusted a recipe for a ginger mai tai using our very own Sunshine's Very Spicy Rum or as she referred to it, SVSR.  Be sure to mix this for yourself and enjoy the show.  We have one of the first updates on the upcoming Mod Palm Springs event coming this October 10-13, 2014, great music by Arthur Lyman, Stolen Idols and the Tiki Delights.  Enjoy!

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147 Obama Will Save the World with Ginger and Parsley

Mr. Prez sure has been up to a lot the last week.  Speaking on almost every topic but the one most near and dear our hearts.  Where is the political policy on tikinomics?  What about the economy of a cocktail based culture.  Surely Obama must have time to work out these important issues?  Well, if he doesn't WE DO!  So lets start with a super stomach satisfying ginger based drink.  A little mint, some passion fruit and get ready to have your socks knocked off.  Now that your toasted its time for Pumpkins latest installment of healing remedies.  This week is parsley.  Not just for your plate, but also great in juice and wine.  Yep, WINE!  Sunshine and Pumpkin also discuss how each of us can save our local tiki bar, fight stupidity, teach children that they can fail and learn from it, and much more. Make a Mingie Gingie for yourself:

1.5 oz Canton Ginger Liqueur

.5 oz Appleton white rum

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1/3 oz passion fruit syrup

1 large mint leaf torn into 8-10 pieces

Toss everything in a shaker with crushed or cracked ice.  Shake very well until the shaker is too cold to hold.  Strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with mint and a long piece of curly lemon zest.

139 A Spoonful of Tiki Makes the Politics go Down

Lets face it, a good stiff drink makes it easier for even the most uptight person to discuss politics.  Sunshine and Kalani certainly don't need a cocktail for conversation about the subjects like "don't ask, don't tell" or gay marriage.  This episode is not all serious matters, we also discuss how helpful a good dose of ginger can be, both in your drink and to curb many ailments.  Mint is another great herb our cocktails can't do without.  And we have plenty of listener mail and comments as well.  Enjoy!

138 Ginger Cures Everything. Drink Up!

Our cocktail takes across the pond this week.  Pimm's Cup is a classic British cocktail that no Wimbledon would be complete without.  Luckily here in the states we can easily get our hands on Pimm's No1 without much trouble.  This light on alcohol drink allows Sunshine and Pumpkin to converse with a little more coherence this week.  Have you ever wondered how meat eaters are killing the planet?  Pumpkin has details.  Maybe you thought that alcohol was a cure all, but the supreme master being tells a different story.  You must visit the website of this total nut job, over the top crazy lady.  Maybe you will laugh, maybe you will change your life forever.  As long as you continue listening to our podcast we really don't care.  Sunshine ends things with a visit from Dr. Bruce, our relaxation specialist and a rant about Joe Jackson....the A-hole child abusing, family manipulating, drunk ass, sorry excuse for a human being that he is.  Can you blame me?  And lets not forget our first of two parts on the wonders of Ginger and how it relates to our favorite tiki cocktails.  Yummy.

130 Forgotten Tiki Cocktail Mixers

Starshine and Sunshine meet in the Zen Tiki Lounge for a much needed hump day drinking binge.  A few mai tais later and Starshine is even more liberal than her left wing self.  Sunshine gives some great tips on making tiki mixers of your own, start with one of our recipes and tweek to your liking.  Falernum, ginger syrup, orgeat syrup etc. Your friends and family will take notice when you use fresh ingredients in your favorite drinks.  Other than that, its a drunken good time this week on the podcast.