138 Ginger Cures Everything. Drink Up!

Our cocktail takes across the pond this week.  Pimm's Cup is a classic British cocktail that no Wimbledon would be complete without.  Luckily here in the states we can easily get our hands on Pimm's No1 without much trouble.  This light on alcohol drink allows Sunshine and Pumpkin to converse with a little more coherence this week.  Have you ever wondered how meat eaters are killing the planet?  Pumpkin has details.  Maybe you thought that alcohol was a cure all, but the supreme master being tells a different story.  You must visit the website of this total nut job, over the top crazy lady.  Maybe you will laugh, maybe you will change your life forever.  As long as you continue listening to our podcast we really don't care.  Sunshine ends things with a visit from Dr. Bruce, our relaxation specialist and a rant about Joe Jackson....the A-hole child abusing, family manipulating, drunk ass, sorry excuse for a human being that he is.  Can you blame me?  And lets not forget our first of two parts on the wonders of Ginger and how it relates to our favorite tiki cocktails.  Yummy.