190 It's Halloween in Your Favorite Tiki Bar

We love our yearly Halloween party.  All of us here in the Zen Tiki Lounge pride ourselves on good costumes, great parties and plentiful cocktails.  Sunshine and Starshine are in the lounge this week with some spooky drinks and creepy sounding exotica to complete the mood.   Some of you may be surprised just how much exotica is perfect for a Halloween party.  Sunshine plays eight great tracks to get you in the morbid mood.  Our banter this week is light, more music than anything.  Enjoy the show! Sunshines favorite Halloween party exotica:

Tikiyaki Orchestra: Crossing Kilauea, Yma Sumac: Jivaro, The Tiki Tones: Night of the Tikis, Kahuna Kawentzmann: Passage to Pappeete, Waitiki: Satyritar, Clouseaux: Shrunken Heads, Robert Drasnin: Voodoo, Kava Kon: Zombie

Halloween Spiced Rum Punch:

30oz Yellow Grapefruit Juice

30oz Pineapple Juice (unsweetened)

24oz Spiced Rum

24oz Pommegranate Vodka

10oz Ginger Sour Syrup*

4oz Dons Mix**

Add everything to your punch bowl.  Use an ice ring to keep it cool.  (use a bundt cake pan fill with water and frozen for an ice ring.  Or use dry ice for fog in your punch).

*The recipe for Ginger Sour Syrup is available in episode 166, or Click here for recipe

**Dons Mix is a classic mixer from Don the Beachcomber.  Click here for recipe and another cocktail from the RumDood

***You can use Dons Mix as a sub for Ginger Sour Syrup if you want a shortcut