191 Tiki Sex Survey Tells All

After Halloween shenanigans, long work weeks and the winter holidays coming fast, we drink and rant.  It's been a while since politics was a big topic here in the lounge.  Kalani is always studied up and ready to share her view on the Tea Partiers and other current trends.  Sunshine is just happy the elections are over and we don't have to see the attack ads for another two years.  Starshine just wants everyone to get alone.  Three somewhat different opinions that are mixed together with ample drink.  Our cocktail this week is dubbed Rum Ox.  Why?  A dry white rum mixed with blueberry and pomegranate juices, a dash of lemon and some berry schnapps to kick it up a bit.  Good for you and tastes great too.  In addition to politics we share the results of the recently published Indiana State University sex survey, and the even more recently unpublished Tiki Sex Survey.  Americans have changed their sexual behavior only slightly in the last two decades, but they are more willing to share their habits with strangers.  Nice!  Survey aside, did you know that the bush cricket has the largest testicles (body mass to testicle ratio) in nature?  Wow!  Go crickets!  Listen to the show for all the conversation and drink along with us.  Next week we bust open the holiday shopping guide and give great advice on what to get your favorite tiki friend. Rum Ox

.75oz dry white rum like Flor de Cana

.75oz dark rum like El Dorado 15 or Meyers

3oz Pomegranate/Blueberry juice (we recommend Tropicana 50)

.5oz drunken cherry juice (equal parts Sailor Jerry and maraschino cherry juice)

.5oz fresh lemon juice

Shake with crushed ice, pour into highball.  Don't strain.  Garnish with lemon wedge pierced with a few fresh blueberries.  Smashing!