192 Low Cal Cocktails and Tiki Holiday Shopping Guide


Aloooooha and welcome to the Zen Tiki Lounge.  This dimly lit tiki bar lives in your head or between your ears as we like to say.  This week the podcast is about giving our listeners what they want.  You asked for another low cal cocktail, you got it.  The mango cooler cocktail found in Beachbum Berry's book Remixed has been adjusted to cut the calories/sugar by 40%.  Listeners also asked for some holiday shopping ideas for their tiki friends and tiki lovers.  Sunshine put together a list of common and less common items sure to fit any need.  Books, music, trinkets, carvings, mugs and such.  Check the links below.  Our conversation this week includes a wonderful rant about the recent troubles with the TSA at US airports.  Some people are reported the experience is close to a date rape but without the frat drinks.  Starshine and Kalani view some classic exotica album artwork that includes nude women, once the staple of a good album cover, now far and few between.  Save the nude exotica album cover!  Speaking of saving, we quickly remind listeners that the Tonga Room in San Francisco is still slated for closing and demolition.  Write some letters and emails to the folks who manage the Fairmont Hotel and let them know you want the Tonga Room to continue to be a historic part of their historic hotel.  Enjoy the show!