193 BP Invents the Coral Reef Snuggie (Allegedly)

Every once in a while we record two shows in one day.  Naturally the extra cocktails consumed in a short period of time seem to make your loyal co hosts all the more opinionated.  Lucky you.  Highlights include a dramatic reading from the new book by Everett Peacock, "In The Middle of the Third Planet's Most Wonderful of Oceans."  This book makes a great gift for that special tiki loving someone in your life.  Next, Sunshine coins new words Sarah Palin style and lets the crew of ZTL try his very special holiday spiced rum.  Delicious.  We discover the fate of the coral reefs in the Gulf Region and the continued story of BP denying they have anything to do with the reef extinction.  Starshine grosses us out with the tale of her baby delivery and the ensuing stitches that patched her lady parts back together.  Kalani reports from her outing to see the latest Harry Potter flick.  Theres plenty more but you will have to listen to get it all.  Mahalo! Christmas Spiced Rum you can make yourself:

750 ml bottle gold rum

1 fresh cinnamon stick cracked in half

2 fresh cloves

1 vanilla bean sliced down the middle

Put everything in the bottle.  Turn bottle over a few times each day but don't shake.  Leave a cool place for 14 days.  Every other day or so, take a whiff and a sample a bit.  If you feel any of the spices are getting to strong (like the clove), strain them out and put the rum back in the bottle.  Use for rum cake, the holiday shooter, coffee grog, hot buttered rum etc.  It's like rum and Christmas