194 Adding Some Zen To Our Tiki

Pumpkin popped in the lounge after many weeks doing whatever it is she does.  We start our podcast this week with a classic tiki libation, the Painkiller.  This simple and well garnished drink goes down easy and does exactly what its namesake suggests.  Great for relaxing after a long day of holiday shopping or spending time with your mother in law.  We tossed in plenty of exotic tunes on this show.  Kahuna Kawentzmann, Les Baxter and The Waitiki 7 just to name a few.  Since we were talking about relaxing, we try to put a little zen in the show, suggest ways to relax and talk about what we do to kick back and let the world pass us by.  And then, Pumpkin steers us down the river of naughty and potty talk.  We can't be expected to keep things professional for long in this tiki bar.  Enjoy the show and tell a friend.