189 The Left Overs Cocktail Party

Another week another podcast.  Sunshine and Starshine relax in the Zen Tiki Lounge with a nice warm coffee grog (listen for the recipe), enjoy some great exotica and chat.  Sunshine asks Starshine to fiddle with his iPhone so he can tell everyone about the new Tiki Bar app.  Want to learn your cocktail recipes, or correct procedure for preparing about 40 different cocktails?  Play this realistic and fun game.  Be the bartender at your local tiki bar, serve quirky patrons, collect tips and learn cocktail recipes in the process.  Starshine suggests throwing a green cocktail party by serving left overs.  And, just may have invented the Left Overs Cocktail Party.  The host prepares the drinks, the guests bring whatever they have left from Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc.  We all have mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, snacks, pies etc. left over after our holiday shindigs.  What better way to get rid of them.  Invite your drunk friends over and eat up.  Keeping things green, Sunshine is talking about whiskey and rum becoming one of the next biofuels.  Could the waste product from rum distillation power your golf cart, small car?  It could in a community near you.  Naturally we discuss some listener mail and banter on about whatever the coffee grog inspires.  Enjoy!