188 Spiced Rum is Blasphemus?

What do Sailor Jerry, Foursquare, Kilo Kai and other selected spiced rums have in common?  Well, not much now that we taste them all together.  On this weeks show Sunshine and Starshine go through the painstaking process of trying six spiced rums just so we can tell our faithful listeners whats worth the money.  As it turns out, Foursquare and Kilo Kai are the house favorites, followed by Sailor Jerry, the safe bet.  After several shots and some nice electronic exotica we dive into this weeks subject matter.  Apparently Facebook is blocking the legalizing of marijuana, the infamous Linda Lingle governor of Hawaii is up to no good again, and Oprah is one step closer to taking over the world.  Sunshine Introduces a new character to the podcast, a new super hero that uses cocktails as his super power.  Wouldn't you like to stop time by having a drink?  What would you do while time was stopped?  Sunshine insists this power should only be used for good and maybe a bit of shenanigans in the process.  And lastly we throw in some listener mail and feedback just to prove we listen to what you all have to say.  Our musical guest this week are the Revomatics and their new song just out of the studio "Tsunami."  Click the link to find their myspace page and check out more of their surfy groove music.  Enjoy, Live, Listen!