187 Jet Pilots and Oyster Herpes

Ladies and Gentlemen, put your tray tables in the upright position, strap in and pour yourself a Jet Pilot.  Sunshine and Pumpkin are sipping the classic stiff libation that is said to have put many a person in HIGH spirits.  Some great exotica gets us in the mood to start celebrating fall in the Zen Tiki Lounge.  Pumpkin is ready to share her list of totally BS holidays in October, including "nut day," "ride your mule day," and "frugal day."  We will have to put something together for nut day, thats a naughty cocktail waiting to happen.  And no fall kick off would be complete without making sure your bar is all stocked for cool weather cocktails.  Not sure what mixes or liquors to have?  Sunshine goes over the quick and dirty list of must have bar needs to keep any cocktail party or family gathering fun and saucy.  Not into the hard liquor?  Try having a hard cider party and watching your favorite horror flick.  Cider has come a long way and can be almost as exotic as the most intense tiki drink.  Look for a local micro brew cider and pair some tasty appetizers like squash soups, pies, cookies etc.  As you can see, there is plenty to celebrate this fall.  But, something to beware of while planning your shindig.  Oyster herpes are big problem this year.  Lots of folks like a nice oyster shooter or maybe even a stew or gumbo, always great for the fall crock pot recipe.  But global warming threatens the soft and smooshy molluscs with a VD like problem that is usually reserved for slutty reality stars.  Make sure you know where your oyster has been before enjoying.  Speaking of slutty, Pumpkin gives us her take on all the popular 'easy' looking Halloween costumes available for girls with little time.  Now thats plenty of show.  Enjoy!