33 Jesus, Sex and 30 Minute Work Outs

33 Jesus, Sex and 30 Minute Work Outs

This episode was originally posted 10/18/2006 and has been reposted on 8/27/19 by listener request. The sound quality was poor and we overused sound fx to a degree that now sounds ridiculous 13 years later. In the first years of the podcast, Sunshine and Pumpkin just showed up, mixed a drink and hit the record button. Catch this one now before we actually delete the audio file…..the past is not always better.

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117 Skittle Infusions and Sweater Yams

Aloha Tiki Friends, it's a brand new week in the Zen Tiki Lounge and we are both ready for some unwinding.  Our little drinky this week is the Ward Eight.  A bourbon style concoction makes  a rare appearance in the Lounge.  If you only drink foo fu drinks you should still try this one.  A classic sour drink.  A drink named after an insane asylum is just what Pumpkin needed to get her started on Jesus bashing and old people trashing.  Sunshine revisits the nipple problem, just where exactly does that milk come from.  We also take another look at the mystery of the snuggie, the worlds best selling infomercial product of all time!  Really!  And thats just a sample of the great bag of crap in this weeks podcast.  Remember to share with a friend....the cocktail too.

114 Visiting Jamaica with Coruba Rum

Aloha Tiki Friends!  It's been a looong week for all of us here in the Zen Tiki Lounge.  A cocktail or two, or three was certainly sounding good.  We start with a great Mai Tai, direct from the Foundation Tiki bar in Milwaukee.  To make this you will need to track some Coruba Jamaican rum.  Finding some rock candy syrup is a good idea as well, but simple syrup works in a pinch.  Not long after we started sipping this stiff libation the conversation quickly turned to breast feeding, anal insertions, taxes for gays, the magic bullet blender, and for good measure we threw in a little Jesus.  Starshine certinaly kept things lively.  Enjoy!  Be sure to visit the official site for the Foundation Tiki Bar.

105 Jesus, Suze Orman and Sarah Palin

Sunshine was observing that Suze Orman may be the queen of the cougars.  Cougars are getting a lot of hype lately and Suze the money guru really knows how to get what she wants.  Pumpkin changes the subject to Jesus and the commercialization of the Christian religion.  What does Jesus have to do with Halloween?  Nothing!  However John McCain and Sarah Palin will do everything they can to ban Halloween altogether.  But thats not all.  Sunshine shares some of his favorite zen sleep music.  Have trouble sleeping like Sunshine?  Then go get yourself some of these selections for meditation and sleep  And much much more.

Click HERE to see the queen of the cougars, Suze Orman

Drink of the Week 

Smashed Pumpkin

1oz Voyant (or any chai liqueur)

3/4oz amaretto

1/2oz high proof cinnamon schnapps

This cocktail or shooter is just in time for Halloween and makes a good addition to any holiday party all the way till Thanksgiving.  Put all ingredients in a shaker with crushed ice and shake for at least 30 seconds.  You want some good froth and dilution of the ice.  Pour into a chilled martini glass and serve very cold.

86 Tom Cruise and Steve Wynn go to IKEA

86 Tom Cruise and Steve Wynn go to IKEA

Our latest episode is well worth the wait. Pumpkin is well and rested after an illness of unknown origin. Here in the Zen Tiki Lounge we know the best cure all for any ill, cocktails and shenanigans. So this week is no different. Our drink this time around is a punch recipe meant to be shared with all of your friends and fellow tikiphiles. The flying monkey is full of rum and juice, and is sure to keep your party going.

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