114 Visiting Jamaica with Coruba Rum

Aloha Tiki Friends!  It's been a looong week for all of us here in the Zen Tiki Lounge.  A cocktail or two, or three was certainly sounding good.  We start with a great Mai Tai, direct from the Foundation Tiki bar in Milwaukee.  To make this you will need to track some Coruba Jamaican rum.  Finding some rock candy syrup is a good idea as well, but simple syrup works in a pinch.  Not long after we started sipping this stiff libation the conversation quickly turned to breast feeding, anal insertions, taxes for gays, the magic bullet blender, and for good measure we threw in a little Jesus.  Starshine certinaly kept things lively.  Enjoy!  Be sure to visit the official site for the Foundation Tiki Bar.