33 Jesus, Sex and 30 Minute Work Outs

This episode was originally posted 10/18/2006 and has been reposted on 8/27/19 by listener request. The sound quality was poor and we overused sound fx to a degree that now sounds ridiculous 13 years later.

Do you ever get the feeling the whole world is against you? Sometimes here in the Lounge it seems that powerful forces are closing in on us. But no worry, get your drink of the week ready and let it all melt away. This is our first 30 minute episode. The Zen Tiki Lounge will now post two shows a week, each 30 minutes. That means a shorter show but still the same time with our listeners. On the plus side you get two drinks a week.

Conversation includes: when Myspace was a thing, the Dirty Sanchez, the Dustin Diamond (Screech) sex tape, visiting the Podcast Media Expo in 2006, Sunshine goes to “rehab”, curing racism through pointing out how dumb it is

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Drink of the Week
Tall Readhead
1.5oz pomegranate juice
1.5oz Vodka
4oz lemon lime soda
Lemon wedge
Combine juice, vodka in glass with ice, stir, then top lemon lime soda and give another stir. Don't forget to garnish with a lemon wedge. Next Week's Drink have the following ingredeints ready: fresh squeezed OJ, vanilla vodka, orange rum, orange wheel for garnish