33 Jesus, Sex and 30 Minute Work Outs

33 Jesus, Sex and 30 Minute Work Outs

This episode was originally posted 10/18/2006 and has been reposted on 8/27/19 by listener request. The sound quality was poor and we overused sound fx to a degree that now sounds ridiculous 13 years later. In the first years of the podcast, Sunshine and Pumpkin just showed up, mixed a drink and hit the record button. Catch this one now before we actually delete the audio file…..the past is not always better.

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10 Bush wants to blow Iran, while Americans get fatter and more stupid!

Drink of the Week:The Gilligan's Island 1oz Vodka 1oz Peach Schnapps 3oz Cranberry Juice 3oz Orange Juice

Next Week's Drink: Have the following ingredients ready: passion fruit puree, tequila, ice, a blender.

Show Notes: Imminent action against Iran, Yeah!! America's children are the fattest, and will be the dumbest of "educated" nations by 2023. New Car seats for fat babies. Bush likes his Americans stupid and fat.

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