103 Two shakes of pineapple juice

This weeks episode is a little sick in more than one way.  Not only was Sunshine deathly ill from a killer cold, but Pumpkin felt like discussing a subject that many of you may find extremely revolting.  Sunshine gets up on his soap box to warn everyone about the evils of concentrated pineapple juice as it is one of the needed ingredients for many a tiki cocktail.  Check those lables carefully or you may end up with a poor tasting mai tai.  Our regular listeners were very active in the past few weeks, giving us lots of subject matter and even some Music.  Thank you to Peter for the cool 80's tunes and listener Don for the feedback on a previous show topic, the merkin.  Because Sunshine was so ill he didn't conjure up a new cocktail so we had some old favorites instead.  Try a Yellow Bird for example, always a crowd pleaser and Pumpkins favorite cocktail.

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Drink of the Week 

Yellow Bird

3oz Pineapple juice (not from concentrate)

1oz banana schnapps

1oz coconut rum

Use a small hurricane glass for this one.  Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice and pour into chilled glass with cubed ice. This drink is for those with a sweet tooth.  Don't like em so sweet?  Try a squeeze of lime, it works well with this cocktail.

10 Bush wants to blow Iran, while Americans get fatter and more stupid!

Drink of the Week:The Gilligan's Island 1oz Vodka 1oz Peach Schnapps 3oz Cranberry Juice 3oz Orange Juice

Next Week's Drink: Have the following ingredients ready: passion fruit puree, tequila, ice, a blender.

Show Notes: Imminent action against Iran, Yeah!! America's children are the fattest, and will be the dumbest of "educated" nations by 2023. New Car seats for fat babies. Bush likes his Americans stupid and fat.

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