117 Skittle Infusions and Sweater Yams

Aloha Tiki Friends, it's a brand new week in the Zen Tiki Lounge and we are both ready for some unwinding.  Our little drinky this week is the Ward Eight.  A bourbon style concoction makes  a rare appearance in the Lounge.  If you only drink foo fu drinks you should still try this one.  A classic sour drink.  A drink named after an insane asylum is just what Pumpkin needed to get her started on Jesus bashing and old people trashing.  Sunshine revisits the nipple problem, just where exactly does that milk come from.  We also take another look at the mystery of the snuggie, the worlds best selling infomercial product of all time!  Really!  And thats just a sample of the great bag of crap in this weeks podcast.  Remember to share with a friend....the cocktail too.