86 Tom Cruise and Steve Wynn go to IKEA

Well before Steve Wynn was ousted from his own casino company and even before Tom Cruise got “really weird” we recorded this episode full of tangental stories. Pumpkin is well and rested after an illness of unknown origin. Here in the Zen Tiki Lounge we know the best cure all for any ill, cocktails and shenanigans. So this week is no different. Our drink this time around is a punch recipe meant to be shared with all of your friends and fellow tikiphiles. The flying monkey is full of rum and juice, and is sure to keep your party going. This week in the lounge Pumpkin contemplates her addiction to infomercials and her list of wacky and useless purchases. Sunshine discusses Tom Cruise as the new JESUS, yet Steve Wynn is probably a better candidate. The Dead Tones spin some tunes in the lounge and you can see them at Tiki Oasis VIII this August in San Diego. The show wouldn't be complete without welcoming a few new listeners and we have no shortage. There must be a record number of folks tuning in over the internet, as February was our most listened to month in our two year history. Mahalo to all our friends and listeners for making our podcast so much fun to put together.

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Drink of the Week
Flying Monkey
2 cans Dole Pineapple juice (not from concentrate)
3oz fresh lime juice
3oz fresh lemon juice
750ml coconut rum
750ml mango rum
2 cups aged Jamaican rum
Pour everything into a nice large punch bowl and add some ice. Start with chilled ingredients to prevent to much melting of ice or use one large ice cube. Using a cake bundt pan filled halfway with water makes a great punch bowl ice cube.