127 The Impromptu Luau

Have you noticed the weather lately?  We have.  Its time go start getting ready for that Summer BBQ/Luau or any other theme you like.  Sunshine and Pumpkin naturally gravitate towards the tiki side of things but to each their own.  On the podcast this week we toast the traditional tack of the American/Hawaiian Luau.  A mai tai here and a pina colada there.  Maybe a blue hawaiian or two to wash it down.  You can feel good without a nice lei and a few grass skirts.  Pumpkin just reminds everyone that plastic leis and grass skirts are a tragedy.  Go for the real thing and use those skirts year after year.  Buy yourself a few nice silk leis and hang em on any old hook till you need them next.  Other subjects this week include Quiznos and their dirty after hours commercials....which we like, Malibu rum offers free applications for the Iphone, Steve Zahn is a funny guy and not bad to look at either, and the usual poor taste in vocabulary continues as Pumpkin gets buzzed.

115 The Star Trek Doggy Door

You know that you have nothing to complain about when all you can complain about is the need for an automatic doggy door.  Pumpkin spends SO MUCH TIME letting the pooch out in the yard she feels she needs an auto door for doggy.  Really?  That may not sound all that interesting to most people, so we toss back a few cocktails for some intoximicating fun.  Our drink is called The Isle of Lime and is inspired by Sunshines new love of 10 Can Rum.  Delicioso!  Be sure not to substitute another rum, it just doesn't work.  After the drink comes drunken racist comments and cross dressing Asian ladies who write books about saving the planet.  Don't miss that.  We conclude with Pumpkins latest rant on vanity license plates and those people who put dead loved ones on the back of their cars.  Nice. Click here for The Isle of Lime cocktail recipe

107 Passion fruit and the Thai Princess

The entire country has been caught up in one of the most debated political races in a few decades.  We don't know about you but it all got to be a little much for us.  So in typical fashion, Sunshine and Pumpkin raise their tiki drinks high and drink up.  Some things are better in the past, yet still give us hope for the future.  Without spilling our presidential opinions to much we do a little commentary and toss in plenty of tropical goodness.  Our cocktail for example is a deliciously fruity rum variation of the virgin Bora Bora punch.  So much better with the booze and as you will hear, Pumpkin gets a little saucy after #2.  Sunshine shares some highlights from this years Halloween party.  Including some of the fun tid bits that party guests left behind.  And, it may sound a bit early but we give a good holiday shopping tip or two for your tiki friends.  Good ol Trader Vic has a gift package waiting for you.  Lastly we share what has become Sunshines favorite new podcast.  The quiet village podcast is full of great exotica and some good DJ work to go with it.  Check it out NOW!

Drink of the week

Bora Bora Cocktail

3oz pineapple juice 

1oz passion fruit juice (not syrup)

1.5oz gold rum (Mt. Gay is good in this one)

.5oz lemon juice

.5oz grenadine

Shake it all up real nice with some ice.  Pour into your favorite tiki mug filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with a pineapple wedge, cherry and pick or sword.  Lime on top is also a nice treat.

104 Sarah Palin in the lounge

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if crazy people were pulling all the strings?  So do we.  Thats why we spend so much time this week talking about Sarah Palin and her crazy ass run for the white house.  Jesus Christ already, we get it.....you are exactly what America needs.  But here in the lounge we aren't quite going along wit that.  So, first we had a cocktail or two.  Then we roll played to see what might really happen if Sarah Palin were in the white house.  Then we cried.  Not everthing this week is so heavy.  Sunshine gives some party planning tips for Halloween and keeping it tiki.  If you try making our cocktail of the week be sure to prepare the holiday brew a day ahead.Drink of the week: Island Trick

4oz apple juice or cider

3/4 oz dark rum

3/4 oz cointreau

3/4 oz holiday brew

In a heat proof mug or irish coffee mug, add the heated apple juice (make it nice and hot cause it will cool when you add the other ingredients.  Add rum, cointreau and holiday brew.  Give a gentle stir.  Serve hot and top with fresh whipped cream.  This "Island Trick" will sneak up on you, be careful.

To make the Holiday Brew: keep this around from fall to winter

1 large lemon

1 cup sugar

1 1/2 cups water

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp almond extract

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 cup Bacardi 151 gold

In a container with lid add rum, zest of the lemon, vanilla, almond and cinnamon.  Cover and let sit for at lest 12 hours.  Strain out zest and cinnamon with a coffee filter over another bowl.  Add mixture to water, sugar and the juice of one lemon.  Shake well till sugar disolves.  Keeps in fridge for about 60 days.

12 Rainbows, Cotton Swabs and Walmart like to party on Thursday.

Drink of the weekKungaloosh! 1 cup Daily's Strawberry Daiquiri Mix 1/4 cup orange juice 1/4 cup Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum 1/4 cup blackberry brandy Toss it in a blender with enough ice to make it slushy.

Next Weeks Drink Have the follwing ingredients ready: Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Maraschino Cherry

Show Notes This week Sunshine and Pumpkin discover that the cool people party on Thursday. We also tell the story of the rainbow flag, piss off God and lets not forget the tale of the pink lint in the dryer. Pour a drink and enjoy!