107 Passion fruit and the Thai Princess

The entire country has been caught up in one of the most debated political races in a few decades.  We don't know about you but it all got to be a little much for us.  So in typical fashion, Sunshine and Pumpkin raise their tiki drinks high and drink up.  Some things are better in the past, yet still give us hope for the future.  Without spilling our presidential opinions to much we do a little commentary and toss in plenty of tropical goodness.  Our cocktail for example is a deliciously fruity rum variation of the virgin Bora Bora punch.  So much better with the booze and as you will hear, Pumpkin gets a little saucy after #2.  Sunshine shares some highlights from this years Halloween party.  Including some of the fun tid bits that party guests left behind.  And, it may sound a bit early but we give a good holiday shopping tip or two for your tiki friends.  Good ol Trader Vic has a gift package waiting for you.  Lastly we share what has become Sunshines favorite new podcast.  The quiet village podcast is full of great exotica and some good DJ work to go with it.  Check it out NOW!

Drink of the week

Bora Bora Cocktail

3oz pineapple juice 

1oz passion fruit juice (not syrup)

1.5oz gold rum (Mt. Gay is good in this one)

.5oz lemon juice

.5oz grenadine

Shake it all up real nice with some ice.  Pour into your favorite tiki mug filled with crushed ice.  Garnish with a pineapple wedge, cherry and pick or sword.  Lime on top is also a nice treat.