115 The Star Trek Doggy Door

You know that you have nothing to complain about when all you can complain about is the need for an automatic doggy door.  Pumpkin spends SO MUCH TIME letting the pooch out in the yard she feels she needs an auto door for doggy.  Really?  That may not sound all that interesting to most people, so we toss back a few cocktails for some intoximicating fun.  Our drink is called The Isle of Lime and is inspired by Sunshines new love of 10 Can Rum.  Delicioso!  Be sure not to substitute another rum, it just doesn't work.  After the drink comes drunken racist comments and cross dressing Asian ladies who write books about saving the planet.  Don't miss that.  We conclude with Pumpkins latest rant on vanity license plates and those people who put dead loved ones on the back of their cars.  Nice. Click here for The Isle of Lime cocktail recipe