89 Banana AIDS hits home!

Most of you have probably not heard of the terrible fate of our almost perfect food. The Banana may soon be gone forever. Sunshine has been doing his homework on this tropical fruit and most of what he found was sad news indeed. Listen to hear all the unhappy details. Pumpkin may be preparing to miss her daily fruit but still finds a way to bring a discussion of sexual addiction to the lounge. RLS is a silly little problem facing a few Americans but thank goodness our friends at the pharmaceutical companies have come up with a drug. Just one little issue. The side effects are gambling, sex and alchol addiction. Geeeesh. Just before we end the show Sunshine brings some happy news of this Summers Tiki shindigs on both the east and west coasts. Check them out this Summer. Listen often and be sure to tell your friends about the show.

Click HERE to check out The Bikini Beachcombers. A hot band for grooving with a cocktail. Makes you want to hop on a plane to Hawaii.

Drink of the Week
Banana Daiquiri
1.5oz Sailor Jerry spiced rum
1oz orange curacao
.5oz fresh lemon juice
.5oz fresh lime juice
.5oz simple syrup
1 large banana chilled and sliced
Put everything in a blender with 1.5 cups crushed ice. Blend till smooth and pour into a nice tall hurricane glass or any other tall fancy tiki mug. Best when you make at least two at a time. You want to share with friends don't you?