90 Get your Falernum on!

FALERNUM!!! Whats that you may ask? Well, its a little known tiki cocktail ingredient that can turn an average drink into a tasty adventure. Although there is now a company marketing falernum again (Fee Brothers makes it) its is highly recommended you make your own. This is not a task for the beginner, but is well worth it. Just search ye olde internet for "Falernum #8" and you will surely find the recipe we use here in the Zen Tiki Lounge. Now that you have your falernum, you are ready to mix up a Sneaky Tiki cocktail. And, now that you have a cocktail in hand you are ready to listen to the podcast. This week brings us an update on the poor banana and the affliction killing off the wonderful fruit. Also Pumpkin is happy to see that Cher is doing her crotchy old ass show in Vegas as well as stopping by Oprah. Sunshine gets a little serious with some details on the cyclone that hit Myanamar this past week and tells how you can make a donation to help. So, a little drinky, some news and a good amount of shenanigans. Enjoy!

Click HERE to check out the banana book that Sunshine is reading.

Drink of the Week
Sneaky Tiki
1.5oz dark rum
1oz light rum
1oz orange curacao
.5oz fresh lime juice
.5oz falernum
Toss all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with 1 cup crushed ice. Shake nice and hard for 20 seconds and pour into a tiki mug filled with more crushed ice. Garnish with a pineapple spear including the leaves and a maraschino cherry with sword. We recommend the tiki mug because this drink isn't pretty but tastes damn good.