88 Two Guests and Three Cocktails equals FUN

Episode 88 originally posted in April of 2008.  This episode has been re-posted by request, though when you hear the audio quality you may not know why.  Sunshine, Pumpkin and a few guests stop by the lounge for cocktails, conversation and poor audio quality.  What could be better?

The more the merrier has often been used to describe unexpected shenanigans. Our podcast is no different. This week we welcome two wonderful guests, Harlow returns to tell us about her Toe Rape story. A new guest to the lounge Ebb drops by for a cocktail and just to see how things come together in our little tiki bar. Sunshine and Pumpkin are certainly not short on subject matter and the fact that we share no less than three or four cocktails in just under two hours makes things interesting. One cocktail worth mention is our first try at a low calorie concoction for our calorie watching friends. Listen carefully for the recipe and try it at home. Of noteworthy mention are some of our new friends from the Geoff Stein Project. We play two of Sunshines favorite songs from their new album and you can click the link below to check them out on myspace and find their music, just perfect for relaxing next to any body of water or your backyard.

Click HERE to check out The Geoff Stein Project on myspace. Great music to relax to.

Drink of the Week
The Tiki
1.5oz Sailor Jerry spiced rum
2oz pineapple juice
.5oz fresh lemon juice
.5oz orange curacao
1oz cranberry juice cocktail
Be sure to use a nice tiki mug for this one, the color of the cocktail is not exactly pretty and some say thats what tiki mugs were made for. Put all ingredients but the curacao in your shaker with 2 cups crushed ice. Shake well and pour into a tiki mug filled with more crushed ice. Top with the orange curacao. Enjoy with a few friends.