322 My Tiki Valentine Is Vaccinated And Eats GMO's

All good things start with a cocktail.  We have for you, a cocktail for the tiki lover or the lover of tiki.  Mix Aloha Amoré for your special someone and you won't go to bed alone.  Imagine the exotic aromas of aged rum, fresh juices, passion fruit and the sweet creaminess of chocolate.  Try this one for Valentines Day or anytime you have some of those boxed chocolates lying around.

Sunshine and Starshine enjoy a Valentines cocktail with tiki flare along with lounge classics that say LOVE.  Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Martini Kings, Yma Sumac and Tikiyaki Orchestra just to name a few.  Pop all of these classics into your player of choice, light a few candles and sip those cocktails.  Pure romance on any evening or afternoon.  

I Want a Lip/April Stevens

I Love Paris/Sam Butera

Arrivederci Roma/Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra

Buona Sera/Louis Prima

Polynesian Love Theme/The Tikiyaki Orchestra

Enchanted Lovers/Martini Kings

My Silent Love/Esquivel

Recado Bossa Nova/Laurindo Almeida and the Bossa Nova All Stars

Sway/Dean Martin

A Néga Se Vingou/Walter Wanderley

Hello, I Love You and Goodbye/The Crazed Mugs

Cha Cha Cha d'Amour/Dean Martin

Totally unrelated conversation in this episode includes Vaccines and GMO's, Poltergeists, things that lawyers do when your not looking and much more

Plus!  A look ahead to some of the best tiki events for the rest of 2015.