321 Almost LIVE With The Revomatics In Rumhattan

On our previous episode 319 we introduced you to our Rumhattan blend of rum.  Now we give you another great cocktail recipe to make with that mix.  Sunshines take on the Manhattan is the Rumhattan.  Classic cocktails never went out of style with true enthusiasts (otherwise know as drinkers) but there is a resurgence in just about every bar across the country and around the world.  Cocktails like food have some regionality to them and the Manhattan should always be on the list at a decent watering hole.  So how about trying this rum version of a nice rocks drink with little fluff other than a cherry.  

Now with drink in hand you are ready for The Revomatics!  For a few years now we have enjoyed this music coming Milwaukee.  Most recently the band has been the house entertainment at Lucky Joe's Tiki Room, also in Milwaukee.  Side not, if in Milwaukee you need to hit up Lucky Joe's and The Foundation tiki bars.  Great vibe, drinks and outstanding vintage feel.  For a better description of the band, lets here how they would describe themselves.  "Four musicians from Milwaukee hell-bent on resurrecting the rebellion.  Riff-heavy, memorable songs for a generation far removed from the beaches of 60's Southern California.  A certain reverence to the past mixed with a heavy dose of contemporary flair defines The Revomatic's sound.  One foot planted in thunderous, reverberating guitars, the other placed firmly in the genre that defined a generation of Southern California rebels.  The Revomatics are more than novel, they're resurrecting the dead, breathing new life, love and passion into a sound vaguely familiar and uniquely their own".  As a fan and someone who keeps their music on my playlist, I have to agree with that review.  All of us here in the Zen Tiki Lounge have grown up and spent our lives in Southern California, so we certainly know the genre and are familiar with the classic style that is surf rock.  We love The Revomatics.  

Listen to this episode and find out how you can get a copy of the album by The Revomatics.  


Moderinism Week February 12-22, 2015 in Palm Springs, CA

The Zen Tiki Lounge is a proud sponsor of Tiki Caliente 7 is May 14-17 in Palm Springs, CA.  This weekend long event is full of music, cocktails, art, kitsch and plenty of fun and sun.  We hope to see you there.