323 An Exotic Sundown With Dirk Yates

Sunshine Tiki is in the lounge solo on this episode of ZTL.  So how about a nice cocktail to help us enjoy the exotica  and conversation?  Right!  Let's do it!  Grab as much fresh citrus as you can and a few other ingredients to make Exotic Sundown.  Combining the tart and zesty fruits of the season with rum, maraschino and Liquor 43 to create a fresh cocktail that pushes any thoughts of winter to the side.  

Our show this week is filled with exotica that is inspired by the key search words "tropical" "Island".  Sometimes your musical playlist can be as easy as typing a few words into your music player.  Done!  Set it and forget it.  

We are very pleased to chat about the new project by Dirk Yates on kickstarter.  Dirk is continuing to create art inspired by his mysterious island of Lana Pua.  The latest artifact from this far away paradise is a handcrafted set of Pyrats of Lana Pua Liar's Dice.  If you aren't familiar with the game, click on over to the wiki page for the rules.  Dirk has crafted a box set filled with all you need to play game and adorned with art by Dirk.  Back this on kickstarter now so you can get your own copy to play with friends and family.  Yes!  Another great drinking game.  

Other conversation on this episode of ZTL includes:

Pickling citrus fruits and the history of pickling citrus

Swinging Jivecate Voodoo Lounge, recently funded on kickstarter and backed by ZTL

ZTL exclusive tiki mugs and t-shirts

and much more...