352 Does The Witch Dr. Prescribe Mexican Xanax?

Mezcal hasn't really found its way into many tiki drinks.  The spirit is native to Mexico and is in the agave family, therefore a cousin of Tequila.  Smokey like Scotch and herbal like Tequila.  Click to learn more about the key spirit in our new drink Mexican Xanax.  

All of us here at Zen Tiki Lounge podcast have booked our rooms and wristbands for the big event in May.  We only recommend Tiki Caliente because we have attended this event each year and enjoyed it immensely.  Three to four days of commraddery with fellow tikiphiles, beachbums and cocktail enthusiasts.  Sip the best tropical libations by the pool, hop from room to room during the weekend long room crawl, stop by the room parties and hear almost a dozen bands LIVE.  

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