353 Is It Caliente In Here? Music by The Do-Its, Voodoo Organist and Ding Dong Devils

The air is getting warmer and the fake tan is starting to take hold on Starshines porcelain legs.  This is the first of three consecutive episodes designed to get you all in the mood for Tiki Caliente 8 happening this May 12-15 in sunny Palm Springs.  Sunshine and Starshine are behind the mic sipping on a new spirit and discussing the many reasons they are getting very excited about Tiki Caliente.   Book your room and wristbands for this weekend long event now.  

Many a rum snot hate the idea of flavored rum and prefer to stick with a straight cane spirit.  But some of us do like a good infused or flavored rum from time to time.  Most of the coconut rums out there are artificially flavored and have a better coconut aroma than flavor.  This one from Rum Haven seems to have both nice aroma and well balanced flavor with some nuttiness and a creamy feel.  We enjoyed this simple: 1.5 ounces Rum Haven with 1.5 ounces Appleton Estate Special over the rocks.  Stir and sip.  Simple, easy and tasty.  And only 160 calories.  

When you party all weekend long in the desert you need great music to set the mood.  Tiki Caliente brings us some returning favorites as well as artists you may have not had the opportunity to experience.  Returning this year are the Ding Dong Devils and The Do-its.  If you didn't catch everyones favorite tongue in cheek lounge band in a bar near you, this is your chance.  The Ding Dong Devils will be playing the bar on Saturday night.  We couldn't be happier to have the Do-its returning this year.  High energy and full of on stage shenanigans, the Do-its will show off their original songs including trumpet and sultry vocals.  For the first time at TC, the Voodoo Organist will make you feel like you wandered into Satan's tiki bar or perhaps Dr. Evil's underground underwater lair.  This is as loungey as it gets.  Keep those cocktails handy.  

Join the Zen Tiki Lounge podcast crew as we record LIVE at the next Don the Beachcomber Mâkeke along with Marty Lush of the Quiet Village podcast and Rory Snyder.  If you want to ask Rory anything about Tiki Caliente before the event, this is a great opportunity.  Or send us a question and we will ask him on the podcast.  mail@zentikilounge.com 

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