351 Did The Girl Scouts Discover Samoa?

No episode of ZTL podcast is complete without a nice beverage.  Our drink on this show has a story.  Long ago in a bakery only so far away a cookie was born unlike other cookies.  Coconut, caramel and chocolate carefully baked together to create the perfect confection known as the Samoa Delight.  Imagine this little politically incorrect schnecken turned into a cocktail for the adult and child in all of us.  YES!  We give you The Samoan.  Lucky for you the ingredients are not hard to come by and the recipe does not require oodles of craft cocktail skill.  We highly encourage you to try this tasty rum drink in lieu of dessert at your next shindig.  

Most sane people love a good deviled egg.  Kalani has a recipe ship whips up for all of our get togethers and this little egg has a cult following.  Try this recipe next time you make deviled eggs.

Kalani's Thai Deviled Eggs

Boil eggs to hard as you usually would.  Cut eggs in half, remove the yolks and add the following to the yolks to create your deviled mixture.

4 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 tablespoon Sriracha

1 splash rice vinegar

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

2 tablespoon minced chive

Salt and Pepper to taste

Spoon filling into eggs and top with toasted sesame seeds and either more chive or cilantro or parsley.  For the heat loving folks you can also drizzle more sriracha over the top of a few of the eggs. 

Stop buying those store bought vegetable and fruit platters.  Taking a few moments to chop your own veggies will give you a great variety of veggies that you will never get on those mass produced plates of just carrots, broccoli and celery.  And by all means try making your own dip rather than pouring something out of a packet.  Try Sunshine's vegan veggie dip recipe for something a little different. 

Sunshine's Vegan Veggie Dip

1/2 cup vegan mayonnaise

1/2 cup vegan sour cream

1 teaspoon fresh black pepper

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder or one finely chopped garlic clove

1 dash cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon onion powder or 1 tablespoon finely chopped chive/green onion

Stir everything together until smooth.  Add 3-5 tablespoons of water, one tablespoon at a time until you get a very smooth, glossy looking dip.  This dip will be thinner than store bought.  A good dip should more closely resemble a dressing so that just the right amount clings to the things you dip in it instead of clumping onto your food. 

Also on this episode is a public service announcement for fellow mint lovers.  Sunshine has just received several varieties from Mountain Valley Growers including banana mint, chocolate mint and pineapple mint.  Mint is hard to kill, great for cocktails and teas and looks great in your garden or window box.  

Did you know there is a yearbook just for all of us in the tiki community?  Poly Hai 2016-2017 yearbook is about to go to print.  You have until April 1st to get in your photo.  Send your photo of a headshot and wearing your tropical finest to polyhaischool@outlook.com