137 The Mini Bar Party with Michael Jackson

137 The Mini Bar Party with Michael Jackson

This episode was originally recorded 7/4/2009. Our views and comments about Michael Jackson are somewhat different a decade later. Sunshine and Starshine in the lounge this week.  After some fairly painful dental work Sunshine is a bit under the influence of numbing agents so our drink this week is not the usual poison.  Using Beachbum Berry's iPhone app we find a great coffee cocktail called Otto's Grotto.  Try this one after dinner, with dessert etc.  Our subjects this week range from the west coast to the east.

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135 Not Enough Tiki on iTunes

Sunshine and Pumpkin are back together in the Zen Tiki Lounge doing what they do best.  Cocktails, chit chat and shenanigans.  Pumpkin has just returned from New Zealand with some tales of her two week visit.  Not to mention she vents a little about the wild goose chase for New Zealand rums that don't exist.  We try more Rum Jumbie which is quickly becoming our favorite new rum based spirit, hard to find but worth it.  Sunshine helps out a listener with some tips for planting your own ginger garden.  Rather than read listener mail we decide to share our iTunes comments.  The good, bad and ugly.....all publicity is good publicity.  But to bring our overall iTunes reviews to better accuracy we ask all our listeners to do a review of their own.  Just be sure you have an iTunes log in and tell everyone in podcast land what you think about the show.

134 McMahon, Fawcett, Jackson, Farewell

Mother always said that celebrities die in threesomes.  Over time we have noticed this to be just as true as politicians are all corrupt.  This week we lost Americas second banana, Ed McMahon.  Farrah Fawcett who some called Americas angel was not far behind.  And most recently Michael Jackson, Americas king of pop dies somewhat mysteriously.  Reason to raise a cocktail?  We think so.  Sunshine does a solo spot on the lounge this week and shares some memories on all three stars.  Sunshine also shares a visit to Rhumbar at Mirage Las Vegas.  You may have had a scorpion before, but this place mixes one of the best scorpion bowls Sunshine has ever tasted.  Listen, drink, reminisce.