137 The Mini Bar Party with Michael Jackson

Sunshine and Starshine in the lounge this week.  After some fairly painful dental work Sunshine is a bit under the influence of numbing agents so our drink this week is not the usual poison.  Using Beachbum Berry's iPhone app we find a great coffee cocktail called Otto's Grotto.  Try this one after dinner, with dessert etc.  Our subjects this week range from the west coast to the east.  We welcome about a dozen new listners and fans from the east coast thanks to listener Ronnie who did some great "word of mouth" for us.  Back here on the west coast was the memorial service for MJ: Michael Jackson.  The entire city of Los Angeles is a little ape s&!t today with all the goings on down at the Staples Center.  Both Sunshine and Starshine have their own unique point of view on the passing of the King of Pop.  On a more Zen note we go over a few thoughts on living a more stress free lifestyle and what exactly is ZEN anyway.  There is plenty more current events discusses as well, tune in and enjoy!