268 Tiki Cocktails For Euthanasia Memories

268 Tiki Cocktails For Euthanasia Memories

Sunshine and Starshine are in the lounge sipping a very un tiki libation this week, the Bloody Mary.  Sometimes your drink choice is the result of having lots of something on hand.  Waste not want not.  Playing a little Les Baxter and talking about all the upcoming Tiki events.  

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25 Bacon goes with everything, even Tikis!

Did you know bacon can be for dessert? Saddam goes on a one meal hunger strike, there a real trooper for ya. We read a delightful email from Michelle in Switzerland about legal gay unions, discuss thoughts and opinions. This takes the Jesus out of marriage. Pumpkin gives us a quick update on her mothers latest bought of insanity while we listen to some classical violin concertos. Drink of the week Well Drink Mix 2oz vodka with 6 oz of cranberry, oj or grapefruit juices. Pour ingredients over ice and stir.

Next weeks drink Whole mint leaves, fresh brewed tropical tea, Rose's lime juice, vodka, an orange.