268 Tiki Cocktails For Euthanasia Memories

SQ BeachPalms
SQ BeachPalms

Welcome to the Zen Tiki Lounge, the Tiki Bar that lives in your head.  Sunshine and Starshine are in the lounge sipping a very un tiki libation this week, the Bloody Mary.  Sometimes your drink choice is the result of having lots of something on hand.  Waste not want not.  But we take the garnish up a few notches to make it feel a little over the top in the tiki bar.  Music this week comes to us from the amazing Les Baxter and The Surfers.  Sunshine was in a hurry to listen to all the albums he just converted from vinyl.  Starshine reluctantly shares her story of holiday euthanasia.  It pretty much is what you think but her story is almost nail biting.  After doggy is put to rest......Sunshine gives us a good look at all the tiki weekend events that are coming over the next few months.  There is lots to choose from on both sides of the US and we will give info on other events around the globe as details come in.  In order of appearance:

Mojave Oasis: April 12-14,

Tiki Caliente: May 17-19,

The Hukilau: June 6-9,

Ohana: Luau by the Lake June 27-30 and

Tiki Oasis: Hulabilly August 15-19  Before the end of the show Starshine remembers

Huell  Howser and the great work he did for California's Gold.  He will be missed.

Dont' forget to grab the new book by our friend Everett Peacock.  A story of needing escape and finding just the island to do it.  Escape from Hanalei by Everett Peacock