269 The Science Of Tiki Bar Cocktails

As the title of this weeks show may have led you to believe, there is a little tiki bar science on our show this time.  Specifically,people often ask about the importance of ice and which kind to use in a cocktail.  The simplest answer is to follow the recipe and use the kind of ice (crushed, cubed, cracked etc.) that the mixologist called for.  But for a little more science on this subject Sunshine mixes a few drinks with different kinds of ice and shows why it is important to follow directions.  We do this with a Planters Punch, which is the first of two drinks this week.  Our drinks come from the "2 in 1 International Recipe Card Collection."  Remember those index card sets in the back of Nanas bar?  Filled with mayonnaise based appetizers and very stiff cocktails.  Well we dug it out and chose two drinks and one appetizer for each of the next four shows.  After Planters Punch we try a simple orange banana loaf and a Champagne Cocktail as an after dinner drink.  Simply amazing.  With a few drinks in us we feel liberal enough to discuss plants with racist names, Tupperware gossip, our facebook yard sale and electronic cigarettes.  And then we throw in an update on two of the fastest approaching tiki events.  In April we have Mojave Oasis.  April 12-14 you will want to part of an intimate camping/trailer event in the California desert called Mojave Oasis.  Check out the link or listen to the podcast for more details.  You can also catch the hosts of Zen Tiki Lounge at Tiki Caliente 5 which is May 17-19 in fabulous Palm Springs, California.  Both events feature not only the warmth of the California sun but also the lovely warmth of tiki and mid century enthusiasts from all over the country gathering for Ohana and plenty of cocktails, exotic music and shenanigans.  Don't miss either event.  Rounding out the show we share some sad news about the closing of world famous Bahooka on March 10.  This Los Angeles area tiki establishment has been around for decades and we highly encourage you to stop by and have a steak and mai tai before its too late.  You may even be able to purchase some of the kitsch from the very restaurant itself as the start to close down.  :(   On a much brighter note you can catch a full hour interview with Sunshine Tiki on the Ray Boylan show.  Ray hosts a weekly show on LaTalkRadio.com and often features tikiphiles such as Sunshine and many great bands, artists, authors etc.  Check out this most recent episode and the back catalog using the link.  Lastly, we want to offer you a way to get a copy of the new book by our good friend Everett Peacock.  Escape from Hanalei is the latest read from Everett, Sunshine Tiki approved and loved.  Listen to the show to find out how you can get a copy from us, or even better yet (and quicker) go on over to Amazon and buy yourself a paperback or Kindle version to show Everett you support ZTL and his great work.  Until next time, Cheers and Mahalo! Closing song this week: Jungle Doctor by Ding Dong Devils

Drinks on this weeks show:

Champagne Cocktail

1 lump or teaspoon of white sugar

1 dash bitters

5 ounces brut Champagne

Put sugar and bitters in the bottom of a chilled champagne glass.  Fill with champagne.  Simple!

Planters Punch

.5 ounce lime juice

1.5 ounces dark rum

1 ounce simple syrup (some recipes call for grenadine)

2 ounces club soda

Pour it all in a tall glass filled with crushed ice and stir with a swizzle stick.  Garnish with cherry and pineapple.  Another simple drink from back in the day.