78 It's a very Tiki Christmas

Sunshine and Pumpkin bring you Holiday greetings from the Zen Tiki Lounge. Not just greetings but a damn good cocktail sure to lighten any gathering. Our drink comes direct from Trader Vic himself and takes a bit of thought, so read the recipe very carefully or your gonna end up with cold, blended mess. We wanted to give you all some last minute tiki give ideas, though the late posting of this episode may not help. But if you can spring for 2 day shipping you just might have a great gift for that very special tikiphile. Be sure to visit Konakai.com for the best in tiki shopping and amusement. Pumpkin is still feeling a little anxious so we give her a little check up. Sunshine shares the magic of his fathers model train induction into the Richard Nixon Library in lovely Yorba Linda, California. .

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Drink of the Week
Molokai Mike
Bottom Layer
1oz Silver
1oz OJ
1oz Lemon juice
1/2oz Brandy
1/2oz orgeat syrup
1/2 cup crushed ice
Top Layer
1oz Gold Rum
1oz grenadine
1 cup crushed ice
Toss all the ingredients for the bottom layer in the blender and pulse 3-4 times, it should still be lumpy, do not make smooth. Pour into fancy cocktail glass, one with a round bottom and a large mouth. Then toss all the ingredients for the top layer in the blender and let it go for a good 20 seconds. Pour gently over bottom layer. You should have a good yellow layer with a red layer on top. Its like a sweet and sour. Delicous!.