77 Pumpkin gets her relaxation on

Pumpkin is having panic attacks and needs some serious relaxation. Luckily Sunshine has been seeing a stress therapist and can teach some newly learned techniques for reducing stress. Lets not forget we start the show with a great new cocktail right out of Sunshines head. A delicious concoction of pink grapefruit juice and various forms of Booze. Its a must try. The show wouldn't be complete without Pumpkin bitching about her lack of holiday spirit during our warm spell here in Southern California in December.

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Drink of the Week
Akala Kula (Pink Gold)
1oz Gold Rum
1oz Pink grapefruit schnapps
1oz Vodka
3/4oz pomegranate grenadine
1oz Fresh pink grapefruit juice
Toss it all in a shaker with 1 cup crushed ice. Shake well and garnish with a lemon twist, be sure to twist the lemon peel and rub on rim of glass. Float twist on top of ice.