76 Our Biggest Sale of the year!

OK, so we aren't really having a sale, but we got your attention. It's the day after Thanksgiving and time for all your holiday shopping. Shopping can really wear you down so we have put together a great idea for entertaining all your holiday weary friends and family. You can put booze in just about anything but we give you the top 10 holiday must haves for those warm and toasty cocktails. And lets not forget that Pumpkin gets a little sauced and talks dirty as usual. Sunshine remains his pleasant and wonderful self.

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Drink of the Week
Make your own HOT drink
Dark Rum
Schnapps: peppermint, buterscotch and cinnamon
Irish Cream
Chocolate liquer
Strong Coffee
Hot Cocoa
Apple Cider
Put it all out for your guests. Let them choose coffee, cocoa or cider and add the booze or boozes of choice. Marshmallows, cinnamon sticks and mint leaves are just a few ideas for garnish.