79 Happy Tiki New Year

Before the year comes to an end Sunshine and Pumpkin felt the need to talk politics over a nice cocktail. We're all friends here. Nothing wrong with sharing a bit of booze and some thoughts on the upcoming travesty of a presidential election. Check out the link below to see which candidate you might want to think about voting for. And, its also the end of another year so we give some last minute party tips, including how to make that expensive champagne go a little further. Be sure to have a house drink already made for guests when the arrive to get things STARTED. Pumpkin couldn't end 2007 without one last rant about things that drive her crazy. This time its dogs in stores and rude salespeople. Dont' get in her way, you won't like it. Lastly a big thank you to all of our wonderful listeners. Please be sure to have a safe new year, don't drink and drive and check us out in 2008. Theres lots more shenanigans coming so don't miss out.

Click HERE to see which presidential candidate you are best aligned with.

Drink of the Week
The Greater Antilles
1oz Silver Rum
1oz fresh lime juice
1/2oz simple syrup
1oz Pineapple juice
1/2oz Sour apple schnapps
1/2oz apple or pear vodka
4 mint leaves
In a shaker add the lime juice and mint leaves. Lightly bruise or muddle the leaves. Now toss all other ingredients in. Shake with a handful of ice and pour in a rocks glass with a few ice cubes. Garnish with a few mint leaves and a lime wedge. Thank you Peter for this drink suggestion.