52 Tiki, the god for the working man

As we record this weeks episode the snow is coming down in So Cal. Global warming, not really. Our cocktail this week warms from the inside and comes direct from Maui. Pumpkin is very excited to hear that David Beckham will be joining us in LA, though Sunshine doesn't seem to care much about that. Banana Republic has gone ape over big people and Sunshine bitches about a near death parking experience at his favorite coffee house.

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Drink of the Week
Pele's Mai Tai
1/2oz Mango Rum
1/2oz light Rum
1oz dark Rum
Pineapple juice

Lime wedges

In your shaker combine juice, mango rum and light rum. Shake with ice and pour over glass filled with crushed ice. Ice must be crushed. Top with dark rum and pour a few drops down the inside of the glass in two or three places. Do not stir, squeeze lime over and take a big gulp. Feel the burn!.