51 Sally Field is a lazy bitch and Gilligan screws up everything

Sunshine and Pumpkin have lots of shout outs to our wonderful listeners this week. Preceded by a delicious and intoxicating cocktail that is sure to make the burliest of men feel fruity. Pumpkin tells of her upcoming trip to Kuai, trying to rub it in. Sunshine throws it back with his upcoming trip to Vegas, staying at the beautiful and luxurious Wynn resort. Theres also plenty of chit chat, topics ranging from Sally Fields laziness to stolen Russian uranium.

Drink of the Week
Paradise Found
1oz Coconut Rum
1/4oz Mango Rum
1/4oz pineapple rum
2oz pineapple juice
Splash Sprite

Put all ingredients except Sprite in shaker. Shake with ice and pour over ice in glass. Top with sprite (optional).