50 The Zen Tiki Lounge hits the big FIVE O

Sunshine and Pumpkin don't feel 50, but it is our 50th trip to the Lounge. A big thank you to all our listeners around the globe. We never thought so many people in other parts of the world would be tuning in. This show is packed with all the shenanigans your used to and a damn good cocktail if we do say so. You will surely want to serve this concoction at your next shindig or luau. .

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Drink of the Week
Topless Mai Tai
1oz Coconut Rum
1oz Mango Rum
2oz pineapple juice
1oz orange juice
Splash orgeat syrup

Put all ingredients except mango rum in your shaker with ice; Shake well and pour into glass with ice; Top with mango rum and do not stir. Garnish extra fancy with a fresh pineapple wedge, orange wedge and a strawberry on side of highball glass.